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The majority of all funding for TSA comes from supporters just like you. Can’t wait for the next fundraiser to make a contribution? It's a good thing there are several ways to donate to TSA all year long!

Want to work with TSA? Contact us at or call Wally at 812-480-0204 or email him at for additional questions or information.

Internship Opportunities

Spring 2018 Internship Opportunity: The Tri-State Alliance (TSA) is seeking an intern who will serve as a Project Manager for its diversity training and educational program. The intern will help present existing programming and develop new educational programming that promotes cultural diversity. The intern will help write, edit and design educational materials (both print and multi-media). The position would also require some community outreach with groups and organizations as an effort to promote TSA’s educational programming throughout the tri-state area.

Fall 2018 Internship Opportunity: The Tri-State Alliance (TSA) is seeking an intern who will serve as a Project Manager for the AIDS Holiday Project. This project works to meet the needs of 375 low-income families impacted with HIV/AIDS in the tri-state area for the holidays. The intern will be in charge of community outreach with schools, churches, and other organizations, especially in regards to the recruitment of volunteers and sponsors for this project. Other job duties may include coordinating project events, developing new research or educational programming to promote the AIDS Holiday Project, and assisting in delivery of donations to the families we serve.

For more information please contact TSA President Wally Paynter at 812-480-0204 or, or TSA Vice President Kelley Coures at

Volunteer at Our Newsletter Nights

Join us to help put together our monthly newsletter and some safer sex kits. All volunteer nights take place at our office (501 John St, Suite 5, Evansville, IN 47713) from 5pm – 8pm (Central Time). There is always free food and drink for volunteers. Contact us at or Wally at 812-480-0204 or for additional questions or information.

Volunteer with the AIDS Holiday Project

The AIDS Holiday Project helps to meet the holiday needs of low-income households impacted by HIV & AIDS in 36 counties in Southwestern Indiana, Northwestern Kentucky & Southern Illinois. In 2011, the project met the needs of 560 adults & 354 children that live in low-income households impacted by HIV / AIDS. The project goes through medical providers to access the needs of these patients. So in addition to meeting the needs of households without insurance and on disability, we are also able to meet the needs of low-income working households that live in poverty.

Contact us at or Wally at 812-480-0204 or for additional questions or information, or visit our Facebook page.

Volunteer for Grassroots Organizing

We’re looking for volunteers to help plan and execute demonstrations, rallies, marches, letter-writing campaigns, etc. Contact us at to sign up or for additional questions.

Volunteer for a Planning Committee

  • AIDS Holiday Project Steering Committee
  • TSA Youth Group Steering Committee
  • TSA Youth Group Alumni Board
  • TSA Public Policy Committee (working on local, regional and state public policy issues including the Indiana Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment).
  • We also have several annual fundraisers that you can volunteer to be a part of.
  • The Celebrity Dinner
  • The Red Party
  • National Coming Out Day
  • Zombie Prom
  • Pride Prom
  • Pride Picnic
  • AIDS Walks

For more information or to volunteer for any of these committees, please contact Wally Paynter at or 812-480-0204, or Kelley Coures at

Donate My Coke Rewards Points

We will be collecting these Coke Reward Points ALL YEAR! Please take a few seconds to tear off the cardboard reward points or save caps and send them in to help purchase weekly drinks for the TSA Youth Group. Please tell your friends and family to help as well. Invite people on facebook.

Brands include Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Fanta, Barqs, Dasani, diet coke, fresco , mellow yellow, mr pibb, nestea, power aide , and Seagrams. Points will be used for free soft drinks for the weekly meetings of our LGBTQ youth group.

Please send the bottle caps of 2 liters/ 20 oz or printed cardboard section on 12, 20, and 24 packs to

TSA Youth Group
PO box 2901
Evansville IN 47728

or drop them off at TSA

501 John Street
Suite 5
Evansville, IN 47728