You Can Choose How You Want to Financially Support TSA


The majority of all funding from TSA comes from supporters just like you. Members and volunteers work in our communities to hold fundraising events. If you can’t wait for the next fundraiser to make a contribution, there are several ways to donate to TSA all year long.

You can donate by cash, check, or credit card. Mail your check to:

Tri-State Alliance
PO Box 2901
Evansville, IN 47728

All credit card donations must go through PayPal, via the link below. Even without a PayPal account, you can use securely use your credit cards or bank account to donate to TSA.

Donate to Tri-State Alliance!

To learn more about donating to PayPal without setting up an account, please check their Information.

Become A Member of TSA

One of the easiest ways to support TSA is to become an official member. It only costs $25 per year (more if you can afford it, less if you can’t). One of several benefits in becoming a member is having the TSA Newsletter mailed to you every month.

Donate to the Memorial Scholarship Program

The Tri-State Alliance provides for a memorial scholarship program. Donations can be sent to TSA Scholarships, PO Box 2901, Evansville, IN 47728. Please let us know in whose memory and/or in whose honor you are making the contribution, and we will list the memorial contribution in the Tri-State Alliance newsletter and on our web site.

Include TSA in Estate Planning

We encourage you to consider the Tri-State Alliance as your prepare your estate. Whether you remember us in your will, life estate or in your life insurance. TSA has served our region for over 30 years, and your consideration will help us continue to support and improve the GLBTQ communities into the future.

Donate to Southern Illinois AIDS Coaltion

You can use the link here to donate directly to Southern Illinois AIDS Coalition.

Donate to Southen Illinois AIDS Coalition!

Make a Memorial or Honorary Donation

The Tri-State Alliance gladly accepts honorary and memorial donations throughout the year. Such donations are always listed in our next monthly newsletter as well as in the program of our next major event.

Unless specified by the donor, the donation will go towards the important work of the Tri-State Alliance. If you wish to designate a specific area for your donation (such as the AIDS Holiday Project or the TSA Youth Group), please include that information in the message field of the form. Please submit your information in the form below, and make your donation by PayPal or by mailing a check to us.


Memorial - Honorary information:

Memorial       Honorary