The Tri-State Alliance, known locally as TSA. was formed by local community members to support the tri-state LGBTQ communities, and that remains our mission. We have seen a great deal of progress on our issues, and we continue our work on these issues and the discrimination issues faced by others. Allies working together to spread Truth and Justice everywhere is what overcomes the lies and bigotry that we've all experienced.

We are a diverse group of straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender volunteers who work together to improve our country, block by block and person by person. We provide education and outreach as we try to make our region, nation and world safe for our diverse multicultural communities.

Here is a link to our Constitution and Bylaws: PDF edition.

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TSA is a community based organization that serves LGBTQ communities. We work to educate the public on LGBTQ issues and host educational events for the LGBTQ communities. We are best known for the TSA AIDS Holiday Project, the TSA LGBTQ Youth Group for middle & high school students, the TSA Owensboro LGBTQ Youth Group, and the TSA Transgender Support Group.

Among our most popular events are the TSA Pride Prom, TSA Pride Picnic, Owensboro TSA Pride Picnic, the TSA Celebrity Dinner, Mr. Heavensville, Transgender Day of Remembrance, National Coming Out Day, the Vincennes AIDS Walk, the Southern Illinois AIDS Walk, the Owensboro AIDS Walk and World AIDS Day.

Most of our funding comes from you, our supporters. TSA requests donations be sent to our office at:

The majority of our funding comes from you, our supporters. TSA requests donations be sent to our office at:

501 John Street Suite 5,
Evansville, IN 47713

Only with YOUR support can we continue the important work we do, serving the LGBTQ communities of Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky.

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